MEMBERS ONLY: performance


Last Thursday, we had cheerleaders visit from Columbia River High School to start teaching the girls sideline cheers for their football game.  Typically, we receive an October date from the school, but it turns out that it will be on Friday, September 22nd.  We would have preferred to give you more notice, but just received the dates ourselves!

The girls will be cheering 3rd quarter of the game with the Varsity cheerleaders.  We will have specific meet times available by next week.  :)


Practice tees and bows were given out next week.  We are not sure why all of the Youth Smalls came out so big. :/  You may have to use a hair tie and bundle them on the side for practices. They should wear the shirts and bows to practices from now on. Sports bras are still allowed as well. :)

The girls were also fitted for uniforms last week, so we should have those to give out on the Thursday before our football game!