+ Can my child try a class for free to see if he/she likes it?

We feel that it takes more than one class to determine whether or not a child will enjoy it, therefore we offer paid trials versus one free class. We call our trials “Web Specials”.

+ What is a Web Special?

Our Web Special is our trial program. In most cases, this allows you to try our classes for a six week time period. We do this to allow time for us to get to know one another, and to make sure that we're a good fit for your family, and that you're a good fit for ours before committing to any membership terms.

+ Can I purchase a new Web Special if I've already taken a class at All-Star Fusion?

No, Web Specials are valid for new students only. Please contact our front desk for information on our Membership programs.

+ Do your classes run in sessions?

No. Our classes are ongoing, which means that you can start at any time, pending availability.

+ What should my child wear to class?

All athletes should wear comfortable clothing, such as shorts or spandex, a t-shirt or tank top and tennis shoes. Hair should be pulled back off the face, and no jewelry (aside from stud earrings) is allowed. The gym temperature fluctuates with weather, so we recommend dressing in layers when it’s cooler out.

+ Can I watch my child’s class?

Yes. We have a guest viewing room with windows that face the gym, as well as a TV with live feed.

+ Do I have to stay during my child’s class?

No. Many of our families drop and go once they are comfortable with our staff and facility. Just make sure you are accessible via cell phone in the event of an emergency.